Freeze & Cancellation Info

Member appreciation

To show our support to The Weight Room community during these tough times, all Weight Room members will receive a bill credit in the amount of April and May 2020 membership dues. Credit will be added to members account which can be used towards any service offered by The Weight Room. Including our new TWR PersonalFit Plans and LiveChat PT! (online purchases will automatically be refunded within 24 hours, in the amount of members monthly dues)

Membership Freeze

All Weight Room memberships come with an unlimited membership freeze option. All members will be granted  one(1) free membership freeze per calendar year initially upon freezing his or her membership. After first month, membership freeze fees will be 50% of members original monthly dues on the original scheduled date. At this time of “membership freeze” member will still have access to The Weight Room during regular business hours as well as through the VIP members page and membership will be automatically re-instated upon members first visit post “membership freeze”. If member decides to cancel during the time his or her membership is frozen, member must come in and follow standard cancellation procedures.

Membership Cancellation

All services, packages, and/or memberships are non-refundable. All services require a 24 hour cancellation notice. All applicable packages and/or memberships require an in-store 30 day cancellation notice. All members must submit a cancellation form signed by both the member as well as a Weight Room representative 30 days prior to members final desired payment. Members who cancel their membership will forfeit all information attached to their account including services(classes, enrollment, PT etc..) Immediate cancellations are excepted on month-to-month memberships only and require a $99 termination fee. Annual/term memberships that cannot be fulfilled maybe transfered to a friend or family member with The Weight Rooms consent.

cancellation forms will temporarily be accepted  via e-mail until countywide shelter-in-place is lifted

Request a freeze

Cancel form

Due to the high volume of cancellation request during the Coronavirus outbreak along with The Weight Rooms temporary closure. Cancellation must be mailed in or dropped off to The Weight Room.